My Skill-Building Trio

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As a young painter, I was lucky to study with some of the great American watercolourists including the late Edgar A. Whitney and Frank Webb. What do I retain from their teachings? Foundational ideas and techniques, to which I’ve added my own, that will improve your watercolour sketches and paintings no matter where you create — in studio or on location, near to home or in your travels.

That’s the inspiration behind My Skill-Building Trio. To focus on and share my fundamentals. Such as defining shape and volume through light, colour and shadow. Loading your brush with the right water-to-pigment ratio for colours that pop. Using a limited palette for more unified results. Mixing greens that faithfully capture trees and vegetation in every season and location. Rendering and integrating people, cars and buildings into your scenes. And that’s just a start!

My Skill-Building Trio is loaded with even more ideas and techniques you can use anywhere, at any time. You can watch the courses at your own pace, again and again, as often as you wish. Plus, I've included a bonus demo (see below) that’ll further deepen your understanding and improve your technique.

My Skill-Building Trio includes:

Luminous Colour
for Sketchers

I'll show you how to:

  • Mix bold, saturated colours and get the right amount of wash on your brush
  • Blend vibrant pigments right on your paper
  • Achieve glowing results by pairing complementary colours
  • Use different triads of colour to shift mood and strengthen pictorial unity
Light, Colour, Shadow: The Essential Triad for Watercolour Sketching

I'll show you how to:

  • Use lights and darks effectively to make sunlit scenes burst into life
  • Build shadows that give form and volume
  • Create the best colour mixes for subjects in sun and shade
  • Mix your own glowing shadow colours instead of diluted blacks or pre-mixed greys
  • Create the most effective water-to-pigment ratio for painting shadows
Sketching Trees in their Time and Place

I’ll show you how to:

  • Create a variety of expressive greens from the colours already on your palette
  • Choose the best brushes for creating a variety of marks, edges and textures appropriate for each tree
  • Create depth within each tree by understanding its basic shape, and then using value and colour variations to suggest volume
  • Preserve the whites of your paper when painting branches of a tree in snowy weather


My Essential Watercolour Palette: Building Blocks for Clean Colours

For years, students have been asking for guidance on choosing paints for their palettes. I understand how confusing it can be — and expensive. There are literally hundreds of colours out there, from dozens of manufacturers. So which are the must-have paints for your size palette, and why?

This is why I’ve produced this high-value 40-minute video, as well as its accompanying list of tools and 6 swatch charts. Together, they'll answer your questions and reduce the confusion.

My Essential Watercolour Palette: Building Blocks for Clean Colours distills my years of experience as a watercolour painter, sketcher and instructor into a set of easy-to-follow guidelines. So whether you’re building a palette from scratch or want to rethink your current colours, My Essential Watercolour Palette takes out the guesswork and gives you a clear path forward.

Three courses and one high-value demo.

Yours forever.

The three courses and one high-value demo included in My Skill-Building Trio are yours to keep and watch as often as you like. You can paint along with me. Pause, go back and re-watch any section. And then refresh your skills year after year. 

If you love learning the fundamentals of watercolour as much as I enjoy teaching them, My Skill-Building Trio of courses may be right for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have access to these courses?

Once you sign up, the courses are yours to watch as often as you like.

Who are these courses for?

These are beginner/intermediate level courses. You should have some basic experience with drawing and watercolour.

What tools will I need?

We’ll cover drawing and painting tools in some detail at the start of each course, and you can download a list of materials.

Will I have access to all the lessons at once?

Yes, once you register you’ll have access to all the lessons so you can start learning, drawing and painting immediately.

How do I find the courses I am enrolled in?

Go to the top of the page and look for the "My Courses" tab. All the courses you have registered for are right there.

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