The Thrifty Sketcher’s Trio

20% OFF when you buy three courses.

Welcome to my online school. And to my studio!

I’ve been a watercolour painter and sketcher since I was twelve years old. And I’ve been teaching people to “see” and capture the world’s beauty for…well, too long to think about.

Since launching my online school, I’ve been sharing my skills and joy for watercolour sketching with more people than ever. Now, I’m making it even easier for you to get on board.

The Thrifty Sketcher’s Trio combines three of my full-length courses at 20% OFF the regular price. It includes:

·      “Sketching Structure in the Garden with Watercolour and Ink”

·      “Light, Colour, Shadow: The Essential Triad for Watercolour Painting,” and

·      “Still, Rushing, Falling Water”

In each simple-to-follow online course, I’ll teach you how to: 

·      “See” what’s important in the scene in front of you

·      Simplify that into a powerful composition

·      And transform it into a lively sketch or painting

You’ll listen in as I make critical decisions, sketch the scene in pencil or pen, and then pick up my brushes to apply a lifetime of watercolour painting techniques to make it all come alive. 

One low price. Years of learning.

Best of all, each course is yours to watch as often as you like. You can paint along with me. Pause, go back and re-watch any section. And refresh your skills year after year. 

If you love learning as much as I enjoy teaching, the Thrifty Sketcher’s Trio may be right for you.

I invite you to watch the trailers and learn more about each course below.

Sketching Structure in the Garden


·       Analyze a scene to create a dynamic composition

·       Paint a wet-in-wet sky

·       Create more varied foliage colours from my proven recipes

·       Mix brights and neutrals you can apply to any sketch

·       Use darks to create impactful sketches

Light, Colour, Shadow


·       Apply lights and darks so sunlit scenes come alive

·       Paint shadows that give subjects form and volume

·       Mix colours for subjects in sun and shade

·       Create your own glowing shadow colours 

·       Mix the right water-to-pigment ratio for shadows

Still, Rushing, Falling Water


·       Use the right brush for best edges on falling water

·       Load your brush with just enough water for waves or texture

·       Paint reflections using wet-in-wet technique

·       Use the right amount of pigment for fresh results 

·       Simplify water and reflections in any scene — from puddles to ocean waves

Get started now!

Welcome to my studio!

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