Ink & Wash Ideas for Sketchers

A Shari Blaukopf online mini-demo


When I want to get my creative juices flowing, and have a bit of fun, I reach into the back corners of my desk drawers. That’s where I find odd little sketching tools I put away months or years ago, and promptly forgot about. 

But I urge you to pick up that little ink bottle gathering dust in the corner. Unscrew the top, pick up a dip pen and start scratching. The unfamiliarity will make you more conscious of what you’re doing, and the results will surprise and delight you. Promise.

In this video, I do exactly that — a dozen times. I sketch just one subject, a nicely shaped ink bottle right in front of me, using ink and wash from various reaches of my desk drawer. Each is quick and loose and a little bit different, so it’s fun to do. And it might tempt you to also try it out.


  Ink and Wash Ideas for Sketchers
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