My Five Favourite Watercolour Brushes

A Shari Blaukopf online mini-demo

Ask five painters to name their favourite brushes and you'll get five different answers. Some watercolour artists use only flats, others use mops for 95% of a painting and then pick up a small, pointy round to add in final details. In this mini-demo, I'll show and demonstrate my five favourite brush shapes. Each has a specific purpose, and although I use some more often than others, I don't think I could get through a week of painting without resorting to every one of them.

A bit of advice when selecting brushes: buy the best you can afford, even if you only buy one. If you care for it properly, a good brush will last a long time. Not forever, as I've come to learn, but a good long time.

Some things you'll see in this course:

Brush marks

See how each brush creates a variety of lines, shapes and textures.

Why this instead of that?

Why choose a flat over a round? A rigger over a liner? We'll look at why one brush shape is better than another at creating a specific stroke.

All five brushes in action

I'll show you a finished painting and how I used my five favourite brushes to create specific shapes, edges and textures.

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