My Favourite Plein Air Sketching Tools

A Shari Blaukopf online mini-demo

I like to travel light and be able to sketch in all kinds of situations. Having a setup for plein air sketching that's practical and portable is essential. When I first started urban sketching, I would bring nearly all of my studio supplies with me...just in case.

But that was heavy to carry. Plus, I wound up using only a fraction of what I lugged along.

Over the years, I've managed to whittle down my kit to a small selection of good quality equipment that I can set up quickly and that's comfortable to use.

It all fits into a carry-on bag I can take on an airplane, or into a knapsack for when I'm walking through a city or hiking in the countryside. My kit fits on my lap, if I'm sitting on a portable stool, or in my car, when painting in winter. And, if I attach my easel to a tripod, I can work standing up. Intrigued? I invite you to have a look!

My setup: compact and light
My palette: tiny but practical
My brushes: three essentials

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